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How to Fill SA’s Immediate Skills Gap

A new report compiled by expatriate solutions provider Xpatweb, “Critical Skills Survey Results 2017”, confirms that local companies are hard pressed to find the right expertise to achieve their corporate goals. It is therefore to every business and professional body’s benefit to engage with government to make work visa applications as easy as possible.


Marisa Jacobs, director and head of immigration and mobility at Xpatweb, unpacks what’s required to obtain a work visa for a foreign skilled employee. In truth, it’s extremely easy if you know what you need and how to go about it, but near impossible if you are inexperienced and make school boy errors.

Radio Interview: Marisa Jacobs on SAFM

Managing Director of Work Permit South Africa, Marisa Jacobs, was interviewed on how employers can obtain a work Visa for a foreign skilled employee. Should you have missed the interview please feel free to listen to it below. Part 1: http://roiafrica.videophill.com/clips/0a4fd33274114fc09dac3cf92a8d3e18.mp3 Part 2: http://roiafrica.videophill.com/clips/b8f490c9557f40f88155db0666f3b9dc.mp3   Time aired: 07/27/2017 at 2:50PM