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Proposed amendments to Immigration Act will save jobs – James Vos

The recently tabled Draft First Amendment of the Immigration Regulations made under the Immigration Act by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), does nothing to address the loss of jobs in the tourism industry, including concerns raised by the tourism industry, government departments and opposition parties. The Draft First Amendment is nothing more than a […]

Department of Home Affairs Launches Inaugural Naturalization

The Department of Home Affairs will host an inaugural naturalization in honour of foreign nationals residing in South Africa. In this ceremony applicants who have been permanent South African residence holders for a period of 10 years will be formally awarded certificates, while they will be expected to take an oath affirming their allegiance to […]

Working in South Africa: The Tax & Fiscal Implications

South Africa is one of the expatriate jurisdictions where proactive planning makes a significant difference to the tax and exchange control implications of an international mobile employee. The primary reasons are: Unlike most other countries, with good planning, you only become ‘tax resident’ in the beginning of your sixth year in South Africa; and There […]

South African VAT, Foreign Companies & Employees

Foreign companies often need to send employees to South Africa for execution of local contracts or to assist South African group companies for various reasons. While South African income tax considerations, permanent establishment concerns and double tax treaty provisions are often considered in detail, the South African VAT (or ‘goods and services tax’ as it […]

Q&A: Foreign Employee

Question from Lawrence Thipe I’m in the ICT sector and need to hire a Foreign Employee from Mozambique. Do you have an idea on what I should do? Answer When hiring a foreign national a number of items need to be taken into consideration. The first item to note is to make your offer of […]

Cabinet Decision To Revise The Immigration Amendment Acts and Regulations

The Department of Home Affairs has welcomed Cabinet’s decision regarding the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee the President had established in August 2015 to look at the unintended consequences and mitigating factors relating to the implementation of the Immigration Amendment Acts (2007 and 2011) and Immigration Regulations, 2014. The law, as amended, will remain with adjustments to be […]

Where Is The Best Country To Be An Expat?

A new survey of 21,950 expatriates from around the world has crowned Singapore as the best place to be an expat. The Expat Explorer country league table, commissioned by HSBC and now in its eighth year, uses a variety of criteria including economics, experience and family life. Singapore received a 67% approval from expats living there, who […]