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Do I Qualify For Permanent Residency In South Africa?

The global trend of skills migration has resulted in numerous positions becoming vacant in South Africa. This means that foreigners with the desired skills are next in line to climb the company ladder, which makes residing in South Africa much more appealing.

The Expat Spouse: Unable To Work While Their Partners Work Abroad

Expat spouses are likely to accompany their partners when they relocate for work. However, their hopes of also getting work are often dashed because their spousal visas prohibit them from working in that country. They soon find themselves pinned down in a foreign country while their careers are placed on hold.

Digital Vax Cards To Simplify Post-Pandemic Travel

As the world wakes from its slumber, there is a renewed focus on the effects the pandemic had on the travel industry. The light at the end of the tunnel comes in the wake of extensive COVID-testing and collaborative vaccine rollouts.

Home Affairs Shakes Off COVID Dust

As South Africa eases into alert level 1 of the national lockdown regulations, things are starting to return to normal. Most businesses have emerged from their Covid-induced slumber with renewed vigour.