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Home Affairs Shakes Off COVID Dust

As South Africa eases into alert level 1 of the national lockdown regulations, things are starting to return to normal. Most businesses have emerged from their Covid-induced slumber with renewed vigour.

The Brain Drain Can Be South Africa’s Gain

The departure of highly skilled professionals in South Africa creates big gaps in the workforce, but it also means that the international community values the country’s skills, and it makes space for young and diverse talent. 

The Advantages Of Studying In Mauritius

For young families, the process of relocating to a new country can be a life-altering adventure. The excitement of immersing themselves in a new culture, new surroundings and a new life, are the earliest elements that form in the mind. Soon after, when the gloss of the potential move has worn off, complex aspects of […]

Critical SA Jobs Left Vacant In Wake Of Skills Exodus

South Africa has been seeing a steady increase in professionals wanting to emigrate to other countries. By leaving their home country in search of international opportunities, they are also impacting workplaces, higher education needs and revenue collection by the South African Revenue Services (SARS), which can have a detrimental knock-on effect if qualified replacements remain […]

Vaccination – Your New Travel Pass

For most of us, New Year’s Eve 2019 seems like such a short time ago. Spending time with family, celebrating until the ball dropped, hugging friends, travelling the world, seeing new places, meeting new people – and then the world changed. The entire travel industry changed along with it.