South African passport holders can travel visa-free to over 100 countries, ranked the 53rd most powerful passport.

According to Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, it is time for the UK to reconsider allowing visa-free access to South African passport holders again. “We have improved, and we think the UK should reconsider,” he says.

Several changes have been put in place by The Department of Home Affairs to improve our visa regime. Some successes on the back hereof include waiving visas for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and New Zealand. Simplified visa requirements for countries such as China and India, as well as improved passport security.

Here is a list of 10 visa-free destinations that you can travel to with your South African passport, saving you money and time.

Visa Free Countries For South African

1. Indonesia:
Volcanoes, Beaches, Temples and Food.


2. Hong Kong:
Vibrant Atmosphere and Endless Skyscrapers

3. Argentina:
Art, Culture and Tango

4. Barbados:
Adventurous Activities

5. Peru:
Ancient Ruins

6. Ireland:
Festivals and some of the Oldest Pubs


7. Russian Frederation:
Rich History Embedded in Architecture

8. Israel:
Diverse Landscape and Culture

9. Chile:
Authentic Sense and Wine


10. Mauritius:
Tropical Climate with Warm Weather Year-round

If these aren’t compelling enough, as of January 2019, South Africans can travel to over a hundred countries without applying for a visa before your trip, browse the vast options and take advantage.

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