Over the last few weeks, medical professionals across the world have been put in the spotlight and recognised for the great service that they are performing during this time.

The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa is no exception and realizes that medical professions are a scarce, crucial and much needed skill in South Africa. As such, there are several medical professions listed on the Critical Skills list in South Africa. Amongst the dozen professions listed, one can find Nursing Professionals, Retail Pharmacists as well as General and Specialist Medical Practitioners.

Where you qualify under one of these categories, you would be able to apply for a Critical Skills work visa for a period of up to five years in South Africa and could even qualify for Permanent Residency immediately.

Additionally, foreigners who are studying a medical degree in South Africa can automatically apply for and obtain Permanent Residency once they have completed their degree and received an offer of employment. This then allows you to skip the Critical Skills step entirely and immediately settle down in South Africa after your studies.

Should you be a medical professional abroad or an aspiring medical student in South Africa and require assistance in obtaining the necessary visa, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our consultants and we will gladly guide you through the process.

We join the rest of South Africa in thanking all medical professionals around the world for their significant contribution!