In terms of Section 19(4) of the Immigration Act, 2002 as amended, a Critical Skills Work Visa is granted on a showing that an individual possesses such skills or qualifications. Typical skills listed on the Critical Skills list are engineers, corporate general managers, scientists, physicists, technicians, architects, quantity surveyors, risk assessors, integrated developers, IT specialists, health professionals, industrial pharmacists, tradesman, specialist support foreign language speakers, academic etc.

What are the benefits of a Critical Skills Work Visa?

  • Department of Labour Certificate is not required.
  • No employment offer required (please note that you will only be issued with a one (1) visa to enable you to secure employment within your Critical Skills category).
  • You immediately qualify for Permanent Residency once a holder of a permanent employment offer.
  • Exit and re-enter South Africa freely.

How does one qualify?

Inter-alia with the visa application, one must be able to prove that he/she falls within one of the prescribed categories listed on the Critical Skills list by evidencing his/her experience and/or qualifications within the said field.

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